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Časopis za ekonomiju i tržišne komunikacije- Economy and Market Communication Review-EMC

Journal Id - JF1702

eISSN - 2232-9633

pISSN - 2232-8823

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Social Sciences

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Publish By - Paneuropean university Apeiron

Language - English

Published Year -

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Publish By - Paneuropean university Apeiron

Description - 5. EMC- Economy and Market Communication Review- Prof dr Zorka Grandov is appointed as the chief editor, journal will be published twice a year in languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and abstracts in English. Journal will publish original scientific papers, descriptive and proffesional papers, scientific discussions, critics and reviews. With its thematic scope of scientific discoveries, with applications in business and economy, journal will reflect the multidisciplinary of studies at the Apeiron University. Journal will publish studies within the field of global economy, regional economy, economic politics, market and competition, consumers and citizens’ protection, media and business communication, new technologies, management, marketing.