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Nanotrends - A Journal of Nanotechnology and its Applications

Journal Id - JF1663

eISSN - 0973-418X

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Publish By - Consortium e - Learning Network Pvt. Ltd.

Description - NanoTrends attracts scholarly contributions that fall under the broad tag of nanoscale science and technology. The coverage in general encompasses synthesis, characterization, studying properties, processing, fabrication and applications of the nanomaterials in the fields of electronics, medicine, healthcare, energy, biotechnology and environmental studies. To elaborate: Main domains Characterization techniques of Nanomaterials Coupling of Properties at the Nanoscale Films, Membranes, and Coatings Nanoceramics, Metals and Alloys Nanocomposites Nanoparticles, Nanocrystals, Colloids, Sols Nanoporous materials Nanotubes, Nanowires, Nanofibers, Nanorods, and Nanobelts Properties effected by Nanoscale Dimensions Self-assemblies and directed assemblies Application areas Biomedical, Medicinal, Cosmetics and Drug development Catalysis, Gas/ Liquid Separations and Membrane reactors Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Conversion of Energy and Storage Devices/ Systems namely Fuel Cells and Solar Cells. Electrical, Electronics, Photonics and Magnetics, Telecommunications and Computational Studies. Food, Textile, Environmental, Construction. Transportation Nanomachines, Machine tools, Automobiles. Nanopatterning. Above are the representative lists of subject areas, NanoTrends in practice may accept other subject areas that fall under the defined broad scope and are consistence with the precise nano meter scale. Over and above, in case of doubt to determine the matching of embodied contents in a manuscript with the defined scope of NanoTrends, one may apply the following yard- stick.