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Fracture and Structural Integrity, FandSI

Journal Id - JF1660

eISSN - 1971-8993

pISSN - 1971-8993

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    


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Publish By - Francesco Iacoviello

Language - English

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Publish By - Francesco Iacoviello

Description - Fracture and Structural Integrity) is the official Journal of the Italian Group of Fracture (ISSN 1971-8993; Reg. Trib. di Cassino n. 729/07, 30/07/2007). It is an open-access Journal published on-line every three months (July, October, January, April.The aim of the Journal is to promote works and researches on fracture phenomena, as well as the development of new materials and new standards for structural integrity assessment. The Journal is interdisciplinary and accepts contributions from engineers, metallurgists, materials scientists, physicists, chemists, and mathematicians.