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International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems

Journal Id - JF1621

eISSN - xxxx-xxxx

pISSN - 0974-6250

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Publish By - Publishing India Group

Language - English

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Publish By - Publishing India Group

Description - enings and trends in the hospitality industry. The journal will facilitate this need by providing essential and intelligent information about worldwide hospitality and tourism issues, practices, challenges and solutions both practically as well as theoretically. An eminent International editorial Board comprising leading experts in the field of hospitality and tourism from hospitality educational institutes guides  Hospitality and Tourism Systems . The journal has six sections- main research papers, research report, case studies, Industry Viewpoints, Forthcoming Events and conference reports and book review. Hospitality and Tourism Systems is published annually in the month of June. The chief  in- editor welcomes the submission of suitable material for publication and will be pleased to discuss proposals for papers. The international Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems publishes refereed articles/papers on best practices of tourism and hospitality management and education, applied research studies, and critical reviews on major issues affecting the tourism and hospitality industry. The journal s scope includes: 1.Hotel operations and management 2.Tourism management 3.Visitor management 4.Public sector approaches to hospitality and tourism development 5.Restaurant and beverage management 6.Tour operation and management 7.Leisure management 8.Marketing management 9.Accounting and finance in hospitality 10.Human resource management 11.Case studies in hospitality 12.Information technology 13.Strategic alliances and networking 14.Event management 15.Tourism impacts 16.Hospitality education 17.Tourism planning and destination development 18.Food and beverage 19.Role of Government in hospitality industry promotion and development 20.Housekeeping 21.Any other topic relating to hospitality industry.