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International Journal of Public Health Dentistry

Journal Id - JF1538

eISSN - 2231-2277

pISSN - xxxx-xxxx

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Dentistry

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Publish By - International Journal of Public Health Dentistry

Language - English

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Publish By - International Journal of Public Health Dentistry

Description - International Journal of Public Health Dentistry (IJPHD) is an Open Access, On-line and Print edition peer reviewed Journal Published bi annual. IJPHD focusses on the development of public health dentistry through the exploration of related research and practice.The journal aims to provide a significant contribution to the breadth of dental public health, Cover including oral epidemiology, dental health services, behavioral sciences, and the public health practice areas of assessment, review of previous research in the discipline and provide guidance to others conducting research as well as to other dental public health practitioners. The Journal Serves as a platform for the global public health medical and dental professionals to share and communicate their opinions, research findings and survey results to the mass while adhering to the international publishing standards. IJPHD is Committed to the education of Public Health Professionals and decision-makers regarding the importance of oral health to total well-being by its publication of scholarly articles; and also strives to expand the existing knowledge database of Dental Public Health to foster competency in its current and future practice.