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Iranian Journal of Epidemiology

Journal Id - JF1372

eISSN - 2228-7507

pISSN - 1735-7489

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Publish By - IJE

Language - English

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Publish By - IJE

Description - The Iranian Journal of Epidemiology (IJE) is the scientific epidemiological journal of Iran, published from 2005 onward in Persian with abstract in English language by Tehran University of Medical Sciences. It has been published quarterly. Iranian Journal of Epidemiology covers all different fields of epidemiology, as a multidisciplinary science. The journal publish original articles form all divisions of Epidemiology in its diverse contexts and its primary focus is on clinical medicine, public health, and health care delivery. The Iranian Journal of Epidemiology is a scientific and research peer reviewed journal, seeks to publish original articles, review articles, case report and short communication. Iranian Journal of Epidemiology also seeks to provide its readers with the highest quality materials published through a process of careful double-blind peer reviews and editorial comments.