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ACEEE International Journal on Communication

Journal Id - JF1345

eISSN - 2158-7558

pISSN - 2158-754X

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Publish By - ACEEE

Language - English

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Publish By - ACEEE

Description - ACEEE International Journal on Communication is published by ACEEE-ComG Communication Group. Published quarterly, the journal features original peer-reviewed papers on the theory and application of Electroncis and Tele-Communication. The journal is an interdisciplinary journal presenting the theory and practice of Cmmunication. The journal incorporates all aspects of theory and practice of Signal, Image and Video Processing. It features original research work, review and tutorial papers and accounts of practical developments. It is intended for the rapid dissemination of knowledge and experience to Scientists and Engineers working in any area related to Telecommunication, Radio relaying, Signal storage, Computer networks, Mobile Communciation etc.