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Continental Journal of Agricultural Economics

Journal Id - JF1276

eISSN - 2141-4130

pISSN - xxxx-xxxx

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Agriculture (General)

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Publish By - Wilolud Journals

Language - English

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Publish By - Wilolud Journals

Description - The mission of the Journal of Agricultural Economics (CJAE) is to publish creative and scholarly economic studies in agriculture, natural resources, and related areas. Throughout, the journal strives for balanced coverage of all issues within the broad subject matter of agricultural economics. These include, for example, production economics and farm management, agricultural policy, regional planning and rural development, factor markets, supply and demand analysis, agricultural marketing and food supply chains, international trade and development, natural resource use and agri-environmental policy, consumer demand for food, and methodology. Review articles that offer a comprehensive and insightful survey of a relevant subject, consistent with the scope of the Journal as discussed above, will also be considered. All articles published, regardless of their nature, will be held to the same set of scholarly standards.