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Journal of Management of Roraima

Journal Id - JF1250

eISSN - 2237-8057

pISSN - xxxx-xxxx

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    
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Subject: Business and Management

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Publish By - Universidade Federal de Roraima

Language - English

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Publish By - Universidade Federal de Roraima

Description - Journal of Management of Roraima-RARR ( ISSN 2237-8057 online ) is a biannual journal in the online format of the Department of Administration of the Center for Economic and Administrative Sciences of the Federal University of Roraima Which AIMS to Contribute to the diffusion of knowledge about management and related multidisciplinar. The RARR operates on the Open Journal System ( OJS ) platform , better known in the Brazilian scientific community as Electronic System for Journal Publishing - SEER.