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Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing

Journal Id - JF1215

eISSN - 1935-9683

pISSN - 1548-6583

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Subject: Economics

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Language - English

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Publish By - David Publishing Company

Description - Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing Title: Modern Accounting and Auditing. Name of Content Provider (Publisher or Content Owner): Publisher Contact name, email, and country: Kunderi Mahaboob, , United States Describe your relationship to this publication (editor, director, editorial board member, subscriber, etc.): Editor Aim and scope of the content: Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, a monthly professional academic journal, covers all sorts of researches on accounting research, financial theory, capital market, audit theory and practice from experts and scholars all over the world. Discipline (s): Management Languages(s) (in order of most to least prominent): English Audience (academic, general adult, high school, other): Academics Frequency of publication: Monthly Peer-review process: All research articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by at least two anonymous referees. Website: Year of first publication:2005 Content type (journal, e-journal, monograph, pamphlet, conference proceedings, special collection, internet database, Open-access, other): Journal, e-journal.