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International Journal of Organizational Leadership

Journal Id - JF1160

eISSN - 2345-6744

pISSN - 2383-1103

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    
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Subject: Business and Management

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Publish By - Industrial Management Institute (IMI)

Language - English

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Publish By - Industrial Management Institute (IMI)

Description - International Journal of Organizational Leadership (IJOL) is devoted to theoretical and empirical research concerning organizational behavior, organizational psychology, and managers’ leadership tactics and consequences. Topics covered by the journal include perception, cognition, judgment, attitudes, emotion, well-being, motivation, choice, and performance. Its specific purposes are to foster an improved understanding of how people in organization be leaded and how leadership can be affected on organizations business conducting. This journal brings together a focus on leadership for scholars, consultants, practicing managers, executives and administrators, as well as those numerous university faculty members across the world who teach leadership as a college course. It provides timely publication of leadership research and applications and has a global reach. It also focuses on yearly reviews of a broad range of leadership topics on a rotating basis and emphasizes cutting edge areas through special issues.