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Journal Id - JF1079

eISSN - 1445-7377


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Subject: Life Sciences

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Description - The Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology is intended to provide scholars in the southern hemisphere with an avenue through which they can express their scholarship. The IPJP also serves as a networking opportunity for scholars in the region as they undertake their research, just as similar avenues exist in the Northern Hemisphere (Europe and North America).The IPJP is intended primarily as a forum for Southern African, Indian, Australian, Asian, New Zealand and Pacific Island scholars to discuss a broad range of issues within the phenomenological tradition. However, contributions from the Northern Hemisphere will also be considered.The underlying assumption of the IPJP is that phenomenology provides researchers with a unique research philosophy which allows them to explore issues central to the question of being human. It enables the richness of human experience to be fully explicated.We particularly seek to support scholars who feel the need for a further dimension in their research that would enable them to explore topics whose import lies beyond the reach of measurement and calibration, and in areas such as human meaning, experience, values, and truthfulness. Moreover, we envisage the Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology as providing established scholars and students with an avenue for publishing written material and undertaking new exploratory research in areas such as emotional sentiment, mental states, bodily experience and existence as well as social and interpersonal relationships, and the contexts in which these take place.