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Journal of New Results in Science

Journal Id - JF1051

eISSN - 1304-7981


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Life Sciences

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Publish By - Gaziosmanpasa University

Language - English

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Publish By - Gaziosmanpasa University

Description - AL OF NEW RESULTS IN SCIENCE INFORMATION For Readers For Authors JOURNAL CONTENT Search Search Browse By Issue By Title Other Journals Categories ADS KILAVUZ Journal Help USER You are logged in as... e-altuntas My Journals My Profile Log Out NOTIFICATIONS View (51 new) Manage LANGUAGE FONT SIZE Make font size smallerMake font size defaultMake font size larger OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEMS CURRENT ISSUE Atom logo RSS2 logo RSS1 logo KEYWORDS Base station, 4G. Cognitive Radio, TV White Space, Software Defined Radio, Frequency Analyzer, Spectrum Occupancy Ratio. Eigenvector method Electric field strength Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), Electromagnetic (EM) measurement Energy Statistics Lying position, positional sleep apnea syndrome, acceleration sensor, 3D animation, microcontroller. MATLAB Modulation recognition, SCG-ANN, LM-ANN, High order cumulant. PID, Fuzzy logic controller, neutrosophy, neutrosophic logic, PMDC motor, position control. PSIM PV panel RF interference (RFI) Renewable Energy Renewable Sources Retina, optic disk, Image processing, Hough transform. Solar Power Wind Power in-band interference solar radiation temperature HOME ABOUT USER HOME CURRENT ARCHIVES ANNOUNCEMENTS Home > Journal of New Results in Science JOURNAL OF NEW RESULTS IN SCIENCE 55.940 33.619 Welcome to the Journal of New Results in Science. Journal Homepage Image Journal of New Results in Science (JNRS) is an official journal of Gaziosmanpasa University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Journal of New Results in Science (JNRS) has started its publication life on 01/02/2012. Journal of New Results in Science (JNRS) is an international peer-reviewed journal. The journal publishes the original English research articles and reviews in life sciences.