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Journal Id - JF1039

eISSN - 2239-6101

pISSN - 2239-5938

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Environmental Sciences

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Publish By - European Center of Sustainable Development Cit University

Language - English

Published Year - 2012

specialization - Sustainable Development

Publish By - European Center of Sustainable Development Cit University

Description - Is a double blinded peer-reviewed open access journal, published under the supervision of the European Center of Sustainable Development. EJSD was established as the official journal of ECSDEV, to provide an international forum for debates among diverse disciplines, such as human development, environmental and energy economics, health education studies, and related fields. The main purpose of the journal is twofold: to encourage (1) integration of theoretical studies and policy studies on sustainability issues and (2) interdisciplinary works of energy economics, environmental policy studies, educational studies, sustainable agricultural development, health and food education, urban planning and related fields on sustainability issues. The journal also welcomes contributions from any discipline as long as they are consistent with the above stated aims and purposes, and encourages interaction beyond the traditional schools of thought.