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Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies

eISSN - 2658-7734


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    


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Publish By - Limited Liability Company Scientific Industrial Enterprise “Genesis. Frontier. Science”

Language - English and Russian

Published Year - 2019

specialization - We accept articles in the following spheres: History including anthropology; Philosophy; Theory and history of culture. But this does not mean at all that articles and other materials of the authors written in other branches of knowledge will be categorically rejected. All materials submitted to the editors will be carefully selected and sent for double-blind review.

Publish By - Limited Liability Company Scientific Industrial Enterprise “Genesis. Frontier. Science”

Description - Online edition of “Galactica Media: the Journal of Media Studies” is a periodic academic e-journal without printed forms (since 2019). The journal publishes scholastic articles, reviews, information resources, reports of expeditions, conferences and other scientific materials. Journal publishes articles on quarterly basis. The approximate schedule of nearest issues: No1 – the end of February – beginning of March of the current year; No2 – approximately by the end of May of the current year; No3 – mid-October of the current year; No4 – mid-December; Our online edition is devoted to the topical issues in the field of studies of media and mass culture in the broadest coverage of: history, cultural studies, anthropology, philosophy, etc. The title of the journal was chosen as a reference to the work of the famous theorist of media culture, Herbert Marshall McLuhan, who in his periodization of the invention and assimilation by mankind of mass communications (media) introduced the concept of "Galaxy" (Galaxy of Gutenberg, Galaxy Marconi, etc.). Project goal: to create a virtual platform for exchange of views and discussions in the field of studies of media and mass culture. We strive to ensure that our network publishing performs an important scientific function – communication and information, which allows not only to accumulate new achievements in this area, but also serves as the basis for new discoveries and insights. Online edition maintains its principles – to ensure the intercultural dialogue and to reduce the conflict of civilizations. It adheres to the philosophy of non-violence, cultural and religious tolerance. The editorial Board aims at removing language barriers while maintaining respect for the national culture of each nation, residing on the small planet Earth.