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Journal of Education and Research

eISSN - 2091-2560

pISSN - 2091-0118

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Education

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Publish By - Kathmandu University School of Education

Language - en

Published Year - 2008

specialization - Education

Publish By - Kathmandu University School of Education

Description - Journal of Education and Research (JER) is a peer reviewed journal published biannually by School of Education, Kathmandu University, Nepal. The main purpose of the Journal is to contribute to knowledge building process on education by providing a forum for scholarly discourse on the role of education in enhancing human capabilities and well-being. For this purpose, the Journal publishes original research and other scholarly creations of academic value that contribute to human understanding of education and its processes. JER aims at sharing the knowledge, values and skills among individuals and communities with the ultimate aim of spreading knowledge. In order to achieve this aim, we promote localized analysis as well as comparative perspectives. Similarly, we welcome papers that perceive education with an integrative perspective bringing in local, national, regional as well as global contexts. We publish full-length original research and review papers. However, we do not publish short-notes, reflective notes, book reviews and abstracts of student research works.