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Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar

eISSN - 2549-5801

pISSN - 2086-7433

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Education

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Publish By - Pascasarjana UNJ

Language - Indonesia Langgue

Published Year - 2015

specialization - Education

Publish By - Pascasarjana UNJ

Description - Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar published twice a year in May and December p-ISSN 2086-7433 (print) e-ISSN 2549-5801 (online) contains writings conceptual ideas, study and application of theory, writing practitioners and the results of research and teaching in the field of elementary school. Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar published by Postgraduate Departement Elementary Education Study, State University of Jakarta, in collaboration with the Association of Lecturers PGSD Indonesia and Education Technology Professionals Association of Indonesia (IPTPI)